About Me

Hi! I'm Ismael Hadj, a IT engineer living in Seoul, South Korea. I have a passion for web development and mobile application. I have a strong background in web development and mobile development application. I use to learn new technologies and I am always looking for new challenges. I am a fast learner and I am able to work under pressure. I am a team player and I am able to work alone.

Contact Details

Ismael Hadj
서울특별시, 면목동 382-35


Master and bachelor degree in computer science

Ynov Campus 2015-2020

Master and bachelor degree where I majored computer science with specialisation in web and mobile application development

High school degree


Study on IT class. Obtention of degree with special mention.


Web Developer in Seoul

SOLAND 2023 - Present

As a Web Developer, I have autonomously managed complex front-end API projects and developed metaverse environments. I have extensive experience with video call systems using native WebRTC and modifying Jitsi Meet. My work consistently enhances project outcomes and user experiences.

React/Flutter/Java Spring boot developper in Seoul

XENOIMPACT 2021 - Present

Working on social network mobile app and his admin website using Flutter React and Java Spring boot. In charge of the admin website and his architecture.

Web Developer in Seoul

Louis picture 2021 - 2021

Work on a website for a company in Seoul, Korea

Freelance in IT

2018 - 2022

Creation of website for customers based in France using Wordpress, PHP with Symfony, Angular etc...

Web developper

GFI 2019 - 2020

Worked on the official website of the Marseille metropolis with Symfony framework.

ERP developper

Absys-Cyborg 2018 - 2019

Worked on a software edited by Microsoft for big company. Maintenance and charged to create new functionality.

Web Developer

XYVERTICAL 2017 - 2018

Creation of a framework for a new expense report software.


While working on different projects, I have acquired a lot of skills in different fields. Here is a list of the most important ones. Of course, I am always learning new things and I am open to new challenges.

  • Other frameworks...


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